Titanium “B3 Style” Kingpins

Titanium “B3 Style” Kingpins
Brand: PRW
Product Code: PRW-9000
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Pemberton RaceWorks in a joint effort with Darkside Motorsports is proud to bring you the long awaited Titanium “B3 Style” Kingpins.  These kingpins come in 2 lengths, 10th scale and 12th scale.  The tenth scale pins are .080” longer than the standard B3 kingpin length, thus bringing back the option to use Wolfe style springs.  The 12th scale springs are .120” shorter than the standard B3 kingpin length, allowing them to fit inside the smaller diameter 12th scale wheel.  Both products are sold individually and as a combo pack with PRW’s popular turcite spring spacers.

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